By Faith Glazarev

Have you ever wished that the school weeks could be shorter? That we could go to school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then be off Friday, Saturday, Sunday? Well, apparently, some schools across the United States of America have 4-day school weeks. But is that better or worse for the school, teachers, and students?

Four-Day school weeks are very popular in states like Colorado, Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and are found in some other states across the USA. Four-day School weeks have also been tested in other countries such as Australia and Sweden. Since school days are measured in hours and not days, you could have a longer school day but only go to school 144 days instead of 180. So the question really is: Would you rather be in school for an extra hour or two, or would you rather go to school five days a week?

According to, 4-day weeks don’t affect the scores of the students in the school. However, switching from five-day weeks to four-days weeks, schools do tend to save money. According to the article “Adults Love the Four-Day School Week. Is It Good for the Kids?”: “Three day weekends can actually help students learn better and teachers teach better, according to teachers who have taught on both schedules.” Also some teachers have thought that for four-day school weeks work better on Wednesdays. According to  “Adults Love the Four-Day School Week. Is It Good for the Kids?”: “In order to stop learning loss over the three-day weekend, for example, one school district in Oregon made Wednesday, instead of Friday, the day off.” This allowed teachers to give assignments on Tuesday and have them do Thursday. This also gave teachers an extra day to prepare for their lessons on Thursday and Friday.

Also, not only do schools across the country have four-day school weeks, but Green Vale Schools in Long Island, New York has half-days on Fridays. An Administrator in the lower school of Green Vale schools says, “Yes, I prefer it over full day school weeks because it’s more convenient for me. Also, I have more free time on Fridays to plan lessons for next week, to finish left over work, or to spend time with my family.

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