Stores have been illegally selling e-cigarettes containing nicotine.

 Many teens have been smoking these under the pretense of the fact that the cigarettes only emit vapor, and most importantly, the flavored cigs can get teen’s impulse to smoke stronger.     

This fact has been getting the FDA’s attention, as the CNN stated,”The FDA won’t tolerate a whole generation of young people becoming addicted to nicotine as a tradeoff for enabling adults to have unfettered access to these same products (FDA Takes Historic Action On Youth Epidemic)”.


Here are 5 facts about e-cigarettes:


  1. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices are NOT risk-free.

They contain nicotine, a highly addictive drug with known health risks.

They also contain aerosol, which haven’t been proven to be safe.


  1. Using e-cigarettes and other vaping products is not a proven method for quitting smoking.


  1. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices are used by everyone, not just ex-smokers


  1. Nicotine can affect brain development and function in young people, especially minors, and some e-cigs that contain it are frequently used by them.


  1. E-cigarettes and other vaping devices are not FDA approved, so teens don’t have access to e-cigarettes that aren’t illegal.



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 Our Principal, Mr. Dennis states, “E-cigarettes are mainly targeted at younger teens (16-15 year olds). For example, making all different kinds of flavors, like chocolate, candy cane, and marshmallow.” (his opinion was not stated)

 An anonymous 8th grader states, “I’ve recently read an article on e-cigs and vaping, and I have to say that though e-cigs are effective in changing smokers and they are less harmless to the public because of their design, they aren’t harmless to the user. Younger teens’ brains, because they aren’t fully developed, are more affected by the amounts of liquid nicotine found in an e-cig. Therefore, I think the FDA should regulate the age allowed to smoke e-cigs.”

(responses are edited for length and clarity.)


In conclusion, E-cigs are good for the population, but not for the younger generations.



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