Listen, I absolutely hated books until I found the right one. Each day my mom would force me to read and I just sat there pretending to. Until, I finally found the right book. I know, people ask me, “You actually read?” all the time when they see the books on my floor. To be honest, I never ever thought that I would actually want to read, but really I’m being serious, now I can’t put most books down. Here is the thing though: no matter how many books you read, if they’re not good, you will hate it. If you don’t get the right book, then reading won’t work for you, no matter what. Which is why I’m going to list my top 5 favorite books/series.
NUMBER 1- The Selection series. 
I really recommend that you read this I read every book in the series in a week. It was so good, and I got so into it sometimes, that I had to put down the book take a breath and start reading again. Mostly everyone that I interviewed said it was the best series ever, including Sammy Lockwood and Brooke Bartilucci. This book is mostly for girls; it’s about a girl that enters the Selection and falls in love, although she has a hard time letting go of her former lover. The Selection is every single girl’s dream. The opportunity to become a queen.To become rich and have everything you could ever dream of. To be famous and have the support of all the citizens. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of Prince Maxon. Although, for the main character, America, being in the selection is her worst nightmare.
NUMBER 2- Harry Potter. I never really understood the rage about Harry Potter until I read it. This book changed my life; it’s what made me want to read. This series is very popular among 6, 7, 8, 9th, and even tenth graders. There are many people that love Harry Potter. It’s for people of all ages, boys and girls. It’s about a young boy who finds out he is a wizard and has to go to a special school where he faces many challenges, one of them being Voldemort, the wizard that killed his mother and father. Through the years, he learns a lot about his magic and becomes one of the most powerful wizards in history.
NUMBER 3- The Mysterious Benedict Society. This series really grabbed me. It is about four intelligent orphans, who are recruited and sent to a special boarding school where they learn more about their special abilities so they can plan the demise of a powerful leader. This book series is very long, but it is worth it. It was very intense, and I could never tell what was going to come next. Although, I didn’t read the whole series because I was participating in a book club group. This book is for everyone; you should read it when you get the chance.
NUMBER 4- The Hate U Give. I never personally read this book, but I know it is very mature. It is ranked number one for the best teen book, and a lot of people are reading it right now. Most of the people that have read it said it was a very good read. They are currently making a movie based on this book, and it is said to release on October 5, 2018. This book is mostly about racism and suicide. It is a very emotional story. It is about a 16-year-old girl who tries to protest and bring light to the unfair and racist death that she witnessed of her childhood friend.                      
NUMBER 5-Divergent and The Hunger Games. These series are very alike, so I put them together. A lot of people love these books. The Hunger Games is about a girl that entered into an annual fight to the death to protect her sister. It is mostly about her trying to survive in this war-zone and get home so she can come back to her family. As she is fighting, she meets a lot of people that change her life and help her through her journey. Additionally, Divergent is also about violence; it’s about a girl that lives in a future-based universe where each person has a certain lifestyle. When each person approaches adulthood, they must choose a path (a faction) to commit to for life.The main character has trouble fitting into a faction. Then she finds out she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit in. Her trouble to fit in eventually causes war and puts her loved ones in danger.  However, most people that have read both books think The Hunger Games was a better read.
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