What’s The Tea?

Hey, welcome to North Shore’s main anonymous advice source. Send in your problems, anonymously,  and every week we will choose one topic to write about and help. It could be as little as how to be more organized or as big as dealing with fake friends.

How do you deal with people/friends that spread rumors that aren’t true?

Rumors are not fun. They hurt, they can get into people’s heads, and they can break apart relationships even if the rumors aren’t true. Here’s some advice everyone can use if they are dealing with this problem:

First off, don’t fight fire with fire; then a bigger fire will happen. Basically, don’t try and get even with the person by spreading more rumors and getting back at them. We all know that makes things worse.

Secondly, make sure your facts are straight. Don’t start accusing people of spreading rumors when you aren’t 100% sure.

Instead of stooping to their level, talk to them IN REAL LIFE rather than texting or social media. When you talk to someone over text about something important like spreading rumors, people feel powerful and will try and swerve out of the situation and change things around.

Talk to the rumor-er in person because s/he will feel more pressured to tell the truth. If they don’t admit to anything, walk away. Just be the bigger person.

Lesson is, don’t be stupid and spread rumors in the first place.

Chai and Chamomile, your tea time advisors