It’s raining. Raining on what appears to be gentle and quiet morning. But although today appears to be quiet, today is not a quiet day. In fact, today will be the forever home of drama as the Kavanaugh hearings continue, hearings that will decide this country’s fate, making today either the day that saved or killed the capital of western civilization.

This has to be a low point. A man accused by many woman of sexual assault could be sitting on the bench. In years past, if someone was accused of committing such a crime, they would not even be applicable for a possible nomination. What country considers putting a guy on the bench that clearly has a record of reckless behavior?

Why are people even weighing possibly ruining Kavanaugh’s life over their country’s fate. Senators and representatives are elected to represent their people and to protect their country. Not to protect their friends and fellow politicians from embarrassment. By even considering nominating a blatantly guilty man they disrespect the founding fathers, constitution and the treacherous journey their ancestors took.

People have fought to come to the United States, they have run from powerful terrorist regimes to come here. By putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court not just do the senators, but the citizens of this country all disrespect their ancestors. They disrespect the people that fought for them to be where they are today.

Brett Kavanaugh has no business being on the Supreme Court, not because he creates and unbalanced court, because Brett Kavanaugh symbolizes much more than an unbalanced court, Brett Kavanaugh symbolizes America’s true opinion on sexual assault, reckless behavior and excessive drinking, Brett Kavanaugh symbolizes the death of a country and its people’s free will.

Photo credit: The New Yorker



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