By Ari Guss and Giulia Mele

Trying to figure out what sports to play for the next couple of seasons? Wondering which one is the most popular for that season? Hear it from the people who have experienced it themselves. Find out more about the top sports for each season and why.

Based on a small survey that we did, interviewing students in 7th and 8th grade, the data that we found is shown below. Each graph is a different sport season showing which sports the students are looking forward to playing.

All students most likely have a different opinion on what school sports they like. 8th grader Alexandra Mele says, “Lacrosse is my favorite sport because it is fun and I get to play with my friends.” However, some students don’t have any interests in playing a school sport. 8th grader, Max Chaitman says, “There are no school sports that I like.” Outside of school, Max plays Hockey. He told us that if Hockey was a sport in the middle school, he would play it. Maybe, if there were more school sport options, more people would get involved with after school sports.


As you can see, many students at North Shore Middle School have opinions about the sport options. Some have more than others, but everyone had an opinion on at least one of them. North Shore Schools has created a great sports program that has provided students with a nice way of staying active, boosting confidence, and improving concentration, not only on the field, but also in school. What are you looking forward to playing this year?