By Sophia Zhang and Cassidy Weiss

  Apple is pushing hard to get everyone to buy their new devices rather than those of other companies: The iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the newest, most important device, the Apple Watch Series 4.

Each new device has many upgrades, but the one we’re focusing on is Apple’s new feature: saving people’s lives. The Apple Watch can detect an accident, like if your grandma has fallen over, and it can contact you or any other emergency contact about it. The new feature can revolutionize emergency features! It can tell if it’s just a fall on the bed or a really hard fall onto the floor.

The default home screen features all of the wearer’s vitals, so you don’t have to sign in to check if you’re still alive. Pretty handy for zombies!

It also now has a bigger screen, about 30% bigger than The Apple Watch Series 3. Having a bigger screen is much handier, so if you want to play games, you won’t have to use your pinkies anymore. You even text or call it can be much more easier.

It costs about $400 dollars, so prepare to empty your bank account!

Apple’s first redesign of the Apple Watch since 2015 was almost 3 years ago. It seems Apple is switching gears and putting their attention on the new phones, instead. They are bringing people’s attention to their devices by making them very attractive colors.

Personally, we believe the Apple Watch Series 4 is really handy, but we can’t really say because we don’t own it. But its many features are extremely advanced, and if we did have it, we would use it everyday.

Let’s hear some other people’s opinions on the new Apple Watch:

“ I think it’s useful because it can tell you what’s going on.” -an anonymous 8th grader.

“It is unnecessary because it’s like an iPhone strapped onto your wrist.” – an anonymous 10th grader.

It seems some people are still unsure whether or not Apple’s new Watch is really a game-changer, or whether they still have more room to improve.

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