Communism: A way to live and breathe. An idea that is despised and feared. But where did it all come from?


In the 1800s, German philosophers Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels started a movement that, for better or for worse, would forever change Eurasia. They started the communist movement, a movement derived from faults in capitalism, a movement that was intended to bring up the mistreated and bring homes to the homeless. An idea so secret that it was only to be talked about in closed doors. An idea that seemed great from the outside. Though, it was an idea that proved not good on the inside. When writing the communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels left out one extremely crucial thing: the consequences of an improper execution of their glorious idea, the poverty that would wreak states that did not properly execute their plan. So what was it that led communism to drastically fail?


There were two primary things that led to the dramatic downfall of communism, one being the inclusion of currency. When the principle of communism is properly executed, there shall be no currency. The addition of currency helps to create extreme poverty; for instance, the once thriving Israeli farm community, know as Kibbutz, relied on the barter system. Additionally, communism bestows overwhelming depression on all people that support it. Moreover, communism provides no hope of breaking through barriers and joining the upper class, as capitalist Americans such as Frederick Douglass had.


When following the Communist Manifesto, no private enterprises should be included. However, In Russia, instead of directly following the Communist Manifesto, Vladimir Lenin would eventually introduce the new economic policy, a policy that would forever change Russia and/or the USSR, aiding its plummet down the deep hole of failed Communism. The new economic policy allowed few private enterprises in Russia, which left people that didn’t own an enterprise in poverty. Turning Russia into a communist oligarchy, where people had to know someone to be something.

Communism was once a revolutionary idea: it had the power to change the world and create a just society. However, communism also had many faults, the biggest being that patrons had no hope of rising up and becoming prosperous. Communism took away the point of living. Communism is the one thing that literally made life not worth living.


  1. Excuse me but I have no doubt that none of us children will ever become poor because of what ever you have said in your writing.