In California, a warm state were everyone gets drinks from all different places like Starbucks and many restaurants, a sip of a cool drink on a hot day is refreshing. But, you can’t get a plastic Straw in California anymore. You either have to ask for a paper one or bring your own. Starbucks doesn’t even give plastic straws at all; they just give glazed paper straws.

What is this all about? Economic? Environmental?Well according to “”   it’s environmental, in the Gulf of Mexico sea turtles are dying because they are either eating the straws or inhaling them.

But not all people feel the same way about getting rid of the plastic straws. In New York,  Jimmy, a Starbucks barista in Roosevelt field mall, said, “ I don’t know why California isn’t handing out plastic straws because the paper ones melt faster in the Starbucks drinks.”

According Eater New York, “New York is trying to pass a bill for plastic straws,  saying no food service business would be able to offer single-use plastic straws or coffee stirrers and people disobeying this law will be fined, with the penalty starting at $100.”

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