At least your gun are safe!

Did you know that there have been 154 school shootings in 2018 alone? And 276 gun homicides in America this year? This seems like a problem that should be solved, but it’s not because the NRA is putting money in our politicians’ pockets to buy their silence. The NRA loves creative, alternative “solutions,” such as arming teachers and blaming it on mental illness; although, they aren’t willing to help those with mental illness.

When you live in a world where money is valued higher than people, that’s when you know you have to take a stand.

One solution suggested by President Trump was arming teachers, but that won’t work for many reasons. For example, what about that kindergarten teacher that has to run around to keep the children from biting each other. How is s/he supposed to keep the gun on his/her person away from that interested kindergartner? It’s basically like saying, if there was a shark problem, that instead of putting up the nets to keep them away from swimmers, everyone gets their own shark to protect themselves instead. It’s ridiculous! Also, what about victims of gun violence outside of the schools? Do they not matter? Well, at least to the NRA and our politicians, they don’t!

NO amount of guns equal one life.

But there is still hope, and it’s called gun reform. It means that it’s a little harder to obtain guns, and it may seem like too little of an action to take to save these lives, but it’s not. It’s kind of funny that it was not done sooner. Call it a wild assumption, but no civilian should have a military-grade weapon. We don’t mean a tank, we mean an AR15, that was exactly the kind of gun that was used in the fatal Parkland shooting. Gun reform will also limit the amount guns a person can have. Does anyone really need 15 guns?

Help save our lives.

So now that you have read what we have to say, please do something about it because it might save a life, our friends’ lives, our siblings’ lives. Because if shootings keep happening, more innocent people are going to die. It’s not okay that people are going to die just because they went to school or walked down the street at the wrong time. The second amendment was made to protect Americans not kill them. Let’s just say that next time next time we have a lockdown, we can only hope it will be a drill.