Hello! I’m writing today to tell you that aliens might be real.

Scientists have recently been discovering more and more things everyday, which include the dozens of radio signals they have heard deep into space. These signals are called radio bursts. The first ever radio bursts scientists noticed were about ten years ago, but ten years ago, scientists didn’t know where they came from or what they could mean.

Scientists say these random radio signals were found beyond the Milky Way. The way scientists have been able to see them is from radio telescopes. This ability to see the event while it is happening is very unusual because scientists typically see radio bursts far after the event has ended. Since scientists have seen these radio bursts, they have been comparing them to seeing a camera flash in a very dark room. They have been trying to find where the “camera” is when the “room” is still dark.

Almost 40 different kinds of events were seen in all.

To scientists, a problem with studying these radio bursts is that these bursts happen one time but then they don’t happen again. To date, only a single repeated FRB has been seen in all, but they have recently had a breakthrough listen- an intelligent alien life somewhere out in the universe.

Scientists have also found 72 more bursts. The source of these bursts has been identified as a 3.7 billion light-years away. They are still trying to solve what is causing these bursts, so we’re all still waiting for an explanation.


Information from newsweek.com from the article ‘Radio Signals From other Side of Universe Discovered’

Photo Credit: aasnova.org


  1. This is AWESOME!! I WAS RIGHT!!! I’ve been hoping there would be intelligent life somewhere in the universe!! Thank you for confirming my suspicions!!! 😉