So, I’m confused. The no iPads at lunch rule is….ridiculous.

I spoke with Mr. Dennis about it, and he said that he wanted us to socialize; however, some people don’t socialize anyway. For instance, if someone’s reading, they’re not really going to socialize with the people at their table. What if there are no library passes, the library’s closed, and someone wants to do homework? Well, they wouldn’t be able to do homework because we’re not allowed to use iPads in the lunch room.

Students might not get the chance to do their homework and or assignments for the rest of the day, then forget about it after school, and then when they do remember, they still can’t do it, because it’s sometime in the school day and they need to work on something, then the next time they could do it is at lunch…… and still, that brings me back to the fact that there might not be any library passes left, or the library is closed.

There are many good reasons that the iPad rule shouldn’t exist, but also good reasons why it should. I’ve come up with a compromise. If a student is on their iPad in the lunch room, a monitor should see what they’re doing on it, and if they’re doing something like playing video games, or watching YouTube, then they should tell them to turn it off. But if they’re reading, or doing homework, or emailing a teacher or something like that, it should be fine.

Personally, I know some people don’t agree with me, but I’m just saying my opinion, so if you agree, please comment that you do, and if you don’t agree, feel free to comment as well, but please don’t be mean.

That’s what I think.

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  1. Yes I agree 100 present I was recently playing cards with my friend and we wanted to take a pic of are process when the bell rang but the second I took my iPad out to take a pic a lunch monitor told me to put my ipad away.
    Rip card game you will be missed

  2. NO iPad rule!
    I was reading a book on my iPad the other day and a lunch monitor made me shut it off so then I sat and did absolutely nothing for the rest of lunch because I had nothing else to do but talk and that is sometimes not very fun for me personally.

  3. Definitely! The rule is a little bit unfair. The kids who aren’t doing any harm should be allowed to use their iPads! I can only find interesting books in PDFs online, and I can’t read at lunch. I wish I could socialize, but all of my friends go out for recess, so…

    • This is exactly my point! All your friends go to recess! You don’t socialize then if you’re the only one at your table. And sometimes at my table if I don’t have a paper book to read I end up sitting there just daydreaming bc my friends socialize w/ each other and I don’t want to interrupt their conversations.

  4. I agree. Last year I was able to do my homework at lunch and sometimes I need to use my ipad for homework but now I can’t . And if you are a reasonable person you can agree with me on this, that no one wants to do homework at home and us as busy preteens we have personal lives and we don’t want to do anything besides hang out with our friends or go to some sport after school.

  5. Yesterday I took out my Chromebook to scan a QR code that was on the wall to suggest songs to play during lunch and a monitor said “put away your iPad!” There are two reasons why that is absurd.
    1) I am never in the lunchroom (except at lunch) so I will never get a chance to suggest any songs