Do you believe in Aliens? I know I do. I mean, how could you not?

They literally have a movie genre (Sci-Fi) just for aliens. Also, scientists are constantly looking for any signs of life on other planets, even other galaxies. For example, an article by W. M. Keck Observatory, “One in Five Stars Have Earth Sized Planets in the Habitable Zone,” suggests that there is a likely chance that we are not the only ones out there.

Scientists have high hopes in finding alien life near Jupiter. “Jupiter is made up almost entirely of hydrogen and helium, with some other trace gases,” says Universe Today. So even though aliens couldn’t live on Jupiter, scientists are hopeful about its moon, Europa. The Independent posted an article saying “The new study claims that the amino acids that could be signatures of life would be able to stick around for as long as 10 million years, just one to three centimeters beneath the surface. They would not be wiped out by the harsh radiation they would be exposed to on the surface of the planet, the study suggests.” 

NASA will be sending a space craft into Jupiter’s orbit. This moon has strong evidence that there are oceans and other liquid bodies of water below it’s icy service, which could hold conditions favorable for life. Also, NASA states “NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope observed water vapor above the south polar region of Europa in 2012, providing potential evidence of water plumes. If the plumes’ existence is confirmed — and they’re linked to a subsurface ocean.” 

Scientists are trying to do everything to find out if we are alone in our universe, but it’s up to us to keep believing in their endless search in hope that they will one day find other species out there, and hopefully they come in peace.


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