Obama, Clinton and Robert De Niro are all people that had bombs sent to their doorsteps, all people that Trump hates.

Throughout Trump’s presidency, he has made rash comments about these people. I’m not accusing Trump for attempt at murder. However, I strongly believe that If Trump weren’t president, this wouldn’t have happened.

Trump has given unspoken approval of these attempted murders by saying and tweeting things that no president should say. Saying negative things about his own people, the people he represents.

To be fair Trump had a respectable reaction stating that these attacks against citizens of the United States of America are unacceptable. However moments after he started attacking the news. It’s almost as if Trump blames the press for the attempted murders. It’s almost as if Trump knows that if the things he said had not been published these murder attempts wouldn’t have happened.

There are a couple things that presidents are never supposed to do. One of those things is jeopardizing the lives of American citizens. By making rash and horrid comments about these people he signed their death warrants. Trump has broken almost all precedents for presidents. He has attacked the press, attacked the citizens, and made racist comments. Trump’s actions go against everything the United States stands for. Such as Unity, liberty freedom and so much more. President Trump has taken our country from a safe haven for its citizens to an extraordinary dangerous place, a place where no one is safe.

The United States was once marveled for its democracy, liberties and freedom for all citizens. People immigrated from across the globe in search of a second chance and opportunity in the United States. People fled powerful regimes so their descendants would be safe, so their descendants had a say in their lives and government.

In 1917 Vladimir Lenin rose to power in Russia after the Russian Revolution. Today President Trump has rose to power, marking the end of the United States. Marking the end of freedom, liberty and justice for all. Proving that every good thing must come to an end, even the United States of America.