Most teens live double lives right before your eyes. Now, what you read in this does not apply to everyone, but these are my experiences.

I’m in eighth grade. I’m a teen. I go through most of the same problems as the next teenager. But we all have things we don’t let out. So this is my story about my teenage problems. They might be relatable, they might not be, but I think you would enjoy them.


Insecurities. We all have them. When I look in the mirror I say… Ok, well, this is what I’m working with. The truth is I’m pretty optimistic, and I like to look on the bright side. For example, if I don’t like the way something looks, I try and act all cool about it it and say, There’s nothing I can do about it. Which is true. But we all know that we want to change something about ourselves. Now, I like to be positive, but it doesn’t always work. That’s only the physical things.

Let me tell you something about myself: I’m shy, and I can’t open up to people right away. But that’s just me, and that’s hard for me socially. It’s ok because once I open up, I’m funny and I can talk to people easily.

The lesson about insecurities is that, everyone has them, and a lot of the things that you might think are a really big issue, people might not even notice.

School life. I will say this, and I will be the first person to tell you these things about me in school. I’m a teacher’s pet. Without a doubt. I’m a goody two-shoes. I hate breaking rules or getting in trouble, so I can never doing anything that will risk it. I like to read. I know, right, a teen who likes to read? You don’t see that very often anymore. School. Some things I find pretty unnecessary. I’m not going to say what, but we all have our opinions on what we think is good and what is not. Overall, I personally don’t really mind school. I mean, I’m not always 110% because I’m a teen, I’m tired, but school is good.

Friends. I call myself a floater. I talk to everyone; I go from group to group, clique to clique. I know that everyone says that I will find a group, but I like being a floater and talking to everybody. OK, that was a lie. Since I talk to everyone, I always miss big things that are going on. This affects my social life. Since I’m a little part of everyone’s groups, I don’t get invited to every single thing. Plus, I’m a little awkward, but that’s another conversation.

Crush. Yes, I have a crush. Wow, a thirteen-year-old girl has a crush. Shocker. No, but seriously, this is going to be a short paragraph because I don’t want to expose myself. But I like this guy, and he is really nice and funny and easy to talk to. The only thing is, I’m socially… well, how do I explain it… I’ll just say this. It’s kinda hard for me to talk to people. But I’m working on it, and also I can talk to this guy, so that’s good news for me. Ok, next topic.

Attention. Now most people do things that get attention. It could be either good, or bad. Now I’m not going to lie. I like attention. But I don’t like getting in trouble, so I go for the good attention. Now I’m sorry if this sounds self-absorbed, but it’s true, and I don’t want to lie. So when I volunteer to do something and everyone is saying how brave and confident I am, I enjoy that. But what people really don’t know is that inside I’m a nervous wreck. If I let all that out, I doubt they would let me do anything. Ever. I’m not even being dramatic; it’s really bad. But I deal with it because, secretly, I like attention. Doesn’t everybody?

The smile. I have to put on a fake smile sometimes. Now, this is going to be the part where it gets serious, but at the same time, it will still have some of my sarcasm. Well, where do I start? How about this: a lot of times people do things that upset me. I won’t tell them because I don’t like people being mad at me. I’ll be mad at someone and won’t let them know it. I will like someone a lot, but never talk to them because I can’t. Now, I know I have it easy. I have a good family and I get good grades etc. but the thing that people don’t know is that I’ve been ditched, I’ve been made fun of, I’m sure it was a joke but people got to learn that I take things to the heart. That’s when the tears start to flow…

I think I’m just going to leave you on a cliff hanger. Please let me know if you would like a part two of this and if you found this relatable or enjoyable. Now if anything that I’m going through in this, or just you in general, I’m always here to listen and if you ever want advice you can go read “What’s The Tea” if you ever want a laugh or just something to enjoy you can look all over the Viking voice. Thanks for reading this, it felt very good to let everything out and that others support me. But that’s it for now.

Photo Credit: Tony Loyd