1. Error Costume Not Found

This Costume takes 2 seconds and takes no effort whatsoever. All you
need is a white shirt and a permanent marker, and there’s your costume!

2. Bread Winner

This costume will give a chance to be a great winner. All you need is a
bread, a blue shirt, medals and sweat bands, and you’re ready to race!

3. Spice Girls

Grab your friends and some paprika and join in the fun for this costume.
You just need your friends, black clothes, an apron and a hat, so you can
spice up your Halloween!

4. Shark Week

If your ready to chomp Halloween up, Shark Week is the Halloween
costume for you and your friends. All you need a t-shirt, a paper fin,
and a sharpie, and you can go swimming Halloween away!

5. A Cereal Killer

I’ll murder your breakfast, or you can give me a piece of candy. All you
need for this Halloween costume is black clothes (or another color), some
cereal boxes and cereal, fake blood, and a fake knife, and you can walk
down streets looking for your next breakfast victim!