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Today we are going to be telling you about F.A.C.S.

F.A.C.S. Teaches Independence

Meet Ms. Miranda: The F.A.C.S. teacher at North Shore Middle School. She is a breast cancer survivor, and a great teacher! One of the reasons she teaches is that she sees F.A.C.S. as an academic class that connects to the real world. She says, “You connect science, art and ELA skills to the kitchen.” In F.A.C.S. you realize how important core classes actually are. Ms. Miranda tries to incorporate healthy foods into recipes to teach kids to be healthier. For example, she added chickpeas to a chocolate chip cookie recipe (they tasted really good, like normal cookies).

F.A.C.S stands for family and consumer science and prepares you so that later in life you can be independent. Baking, one of the electives taught by Ms. Miranda, is the building block to other classes, such as cooking classes in the high school and culinary school.  One day you are going to need to be able to cook, read recipes, make conversions, and measure ingredients by yourself.

Students are taught to learn from their mistakes.

In the F.A.C.S department, you are also introduced to baking class; it’s a great first step to cooking. You look over kitchen safety. You learn food science. You learn to work together with your peers. Students are taught to learn from their mistakes. At first you learn quick easy recipes such as pumpkin bread; then you go into more complex recipes such as rolled cookies.

Everyday when you enter the  F.A.C.S room for Baking, you grab a new recipe to work on. Ms. Miranda then goes over the recipe. She provides you with tips, things to do, and things not to do. Students grab their aprons, and then go to the kitchen they’re assigned to. North Shore Middle School has new Cuisinart stand mixers (funded by the P.T.O). Many F.A.C.S classrooms don’t have these. After that, it’s all on the students. Ms. Miranda overlooks the process, and will only step in if there is a question or problem. After the students are done cooking/baking they then clean up. Students are taught the whole process: From reading the recipe all the way to cleaning up.

You should definitely join this class. In 6th and 7th grade, F.A.C.S. is mandatory; however, in 8th grade it’s optional. 8th graders finally get the chance to take baking.  It’s fun, and you get to cook and learn fun recipes. At the same time, you are using all your learning skills, measuring and making conversions (math), reading (ELA), and science. You are having fun in a great class and building your skills at the same time.

Also, if cooking or baking is not for you, Ms. Miranda, also runs a class called Crafty Creations. Students use recycled or used objects and make them into cool, new things, like making a keep sake pillow from an old t-shirt. Also, Ms. Miranda, runs Cooking. It is similar to baking, but you learn how to cook real food like pizza and other fun recipes.

Ms. Miranda’s classes are a fun way to explore baking, cooking ,and crafts. If you are a person who loves to bake, you should definitely take the this class.

Photo: West Monroe High School


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