What’s The Tea?

Hey, welcome to North Shore’s main anonymous advice source. Send in your problems, and every week we will choose one topic to write about and help. It could be as little as how to be more organized or as big as dealing with fake friends.

         Welcome back to What’s The Tea. This week’s topic is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying, in our opinion, happens way more often than regular bullying. 

        Cyberbullying is bullying someone through their phones/devices. This could mean social media, texting, etc. People can hide behind their usernames, which makes cyberbullying easier for people to do than actually bullying someone in school. People can use their power on social media for good and for bad, but unfortunately many people use it for bad.

          Cyberbullying stinks. Things being said about you online or getting mean texts are never fun. Whether you are tagged in an embarrassing picture that someone took of you, or someone is commenting something mean on one of your posts, either way, it is not fun. 

         There are ways to fix problems online. Approaching an adult with your problems can be nerve-wracking, but it will definitely help. Adults have more power over kids, so they will be able to figure out a solution. 

          Another way to fix these types of problems is to talk to the person,  preferably not behind a username, and try and figure out why they did what they did. 

         One last way is to ignore it. Obviously, if the issue gets really big and out of control TELL SOMEONE, but, if somebody texts you something not that nice, just ignore it and keep moving on. If you stop and get upset about it, you are giving that person too much power over you, and that’s what they want. 

           Hopefully, this advice helps you to resolve your problems.


Chai and Chamomile