Welcome back to Elective Explorers with Faith Glazarev, and Andrew Kraupner. 

Meet Mr. Slack, the Home Design teacher. He also runs Tech Club before school and teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Tech Classes, and runs the elective Viking Explorers too.

In Home Design you have 2 units. Unit 1 is computer design where you design houses on the computers, and in unit 2 you build the houses you designed on the computer. 

This class involves a certain skill set, which includes; Measuring, cutting wood, collaboration, communication, and problem solving. Although a lot of kids said they had fun in this, it was also made very clear that this class is not for everybody. Also, this class is better for kids who are independent and are good at figuring things out- although you’ll have Mr. Slack to help you with major problems-sometimes you got to figure out the little problem on your own. 

When you first walk into this class, everybody is sitting by the computer area ready for Mr. Slack to give them information. Then he says, “Get to work.” And all the students got to the work space to continue working on their wooden model houses. 

This class is more for people who see a future in architecture and construction. In this class you have to be okay with outlines and rules. If you are more of a free spirit then this elective is not for you. Some kids in Mr. Slacks class felt more confident in there building skills after taking this class, but others thought it was not for them. 

Kids in this class are super nice and fun and even though this class might not be for them, they use it for other things such as studying and socializing with friends. 

Home Design is a fun class overall. Even though some kids don’t like it or think it’s not fun, what Andrew and I observed was kids all having fun in different ways, even if  you’re not doing your work. 


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