I received very good feedback on my last article, “The Secret Life Of a Teen”. Go read that if you haven’t, because this is a part 2. After you read that, read this. If you have already read it, you can keep reading this one. If you just didn’t feel like reading the other one, that’s okay, you can just read this one.


Disclaimer: I am sarcastic. I might be relatable. I might be funny. You can decide. Okay, I’ll get to the juicy stuff now. Enjoy. 


Tears. We left off here, didn’t we. Okay, well I’ve been pretty sensitive my whole life, and by pretty sensitive, I mean that I cried every day until second grade. That must have been fun for my teachers. I’m still sensitive. I’m just good at hiding it. Sometimes, I’m not so good at hiding it. Like the other day, I was just sitting in class (algebra) and my eyes started to tear up and they almost came out, but don’t worry, I stopped them. I don’t want to embarrass myself. I do that enough. 


False Hope. I have a lot of false hope. I’ll give you some examples, like when you think someone might like you and then they ignore you. Fun. When you think someone is your friend, they are not. We all have false hope, so you’ve all been where I am. I’m not saying that we should never hope, because we should, but sometimes we hope for something and deep, deep down inside us. We know that it will never, ever, ever, happen. Like grades. I had to put them up for adoption because I couldn’t raise them. Ha, I snuck a joke in there. It made you laugh, didn’t it. I know it did, so don’t lie to yourself. Okay, now let’s get back to the serious stuff. We all have false hope, but I like imagining the best thing that could happen because I’m just optimistic like that, but if you keep hoping, good things will come your way. Don’t take my word for that, I’m not a fortune teller, but I really think that good things will happen to you if you are positive and nice. 


Crush: Part 2. Anybody have any advice for me about my crush? Any at all. I’m open to them, because I need them. Okay, anyways, I’m just here to say I’m an embarrassment to myself and everything I stand for. Plus, I don’t even know what I stand for or what that means in general, but it sounded right for the moment. Let me tell you a story. I was talking to my crush and I said “y’all”. I literally said “What do y’all want to do next?” What was I thinking? I’M NOT A COWBOY I SWEAR. The problem that comes with having a crush is that you only embarrass yourself when they are around. Anybody else do that? No, just me. Okay. So again, advice, anybody, please. Let’s get serious, I’m not very out there with my emotions. I have a hard time talking to guys. Plus, I doubt that they are attracted to me in the first place. Now, I know that people are going to disagree with me just to make me feel better about myself. I’m not sure what it is about me, guys just don’t really like me. I’m fine with that for now, because I’m only 13, but maybe in the future they will change. I hope. But do you know what? I’m good on the inside, at least I think I might be, so that’s good. For the last and for the final time… IF YOU HAVE ADVICE FOR ME COMMENT DOWN BELOW. Okay, thanks. 


Cliques. Just so you know, this paragraph isn’t really just going to be about what the cliques are, because I don’t even know what they are. So, I’m going to make some up. This will kind of be a joke, but kinda not be. Trust me, I probably fit into most of these categories myself, so please don’t come at me. 1: The girls who like to wear short clothes. Now, I like to wear clothes with an occasional midrift, but some people kinda make it drastic. Like, who really needs a cropped sweatshirt? Now, don’t get me wrong. I have one and I think it looks really cute, but is it really that functional on a cold day? Isn’t your stomach chilly? These are the things I would like to know. 2: The guys who think they are cool. News flash, you’re not. I personally think these people just try too hard. They always want to make people laugh, but It doesn’t come naturally because you can tell they were just thinking about what they were going to say five minutes ago. 3: The girls that you just don’t like. I’ve always felt a vibe from people and i can tell when you don’t like me. If you don’t like me, please don’t pretend like you do, because I probably don’t like you. Then, if you pretend, I have to pretend along with you. So, if you don’t like me without getting to know me, please, I give you permission to ignore me. Those were only three made up cliques that are in my head. Trust me, there are more were that came from, if you liked them. 


Style. Story time: so today, I am wearing overalls. During lunch, somebody told me that I have a rip on them. So I said “Where?” and they informed me that I have a rip on my overalls right on my butt. The rip is the size of my hand. But anyways, that was just a little story of my embarrassment. Now, time for the actual rant about style. The truth is, the things that are popular in style change so fast that I don’t even have time to follow one when it is a thing. I also don’t have time or money to go on a shopping spree just because there is a new trend that is out there. I just dress how I like. Sometimes I’m very comfortable and sometimes I’m not, and anybody who sees me anyway is a witness for that. Now, a message for everyone reading this: if you aren’t wearing what everyone else is wearing, it’s okay. Nobody really cares what you are wearing. They just pass by. Who knows, maybe you could start the next trend. 


Jealousy. I get jealous too much. I’m not even sure why. I just do, it’s just me. I get jealous when I think someone looks better than me. I get jealous when someone is talking to the person I like. Then, I realize how stupid I am. We are not together, and I can’t control other people. I just try not to, and it works most of the time. Most. That’s all I have to say about jealousy so… next paragraph.


What I want. I want a lot of things. Like, for example, a few million dollars, but don’t we all. Well, there are some other things that I want.  I want people that I can trust. I want people that I can talk to, and they will understand and help me through my problems. I want to get invited to things, instead of having to find out about it on social media. I want good grades. Well, I have those, but I would like to keep them. I’m not sure what you will think of this, but I want a boyfriend. All of these other girls with boyfriends seem like they are having so much fun. These are just the things that I want for myself, and I want things for other people, but that would literally be like seven pages long because I want something for almost every person that I’ve met. So, we are just going to move on.


Rejection. Well, I have never been rejected because I have never asked anyone out. This is because I’m scared to do literally anything, but I have felt rejected. This happened to me when I thought that someone might like me and they didn’t. I really liked this person, but I guess they did not like me. Most teens feel this. Do as I say, not as I do. If you like somebody, you can ask them out and if you get rejected, oh well. I mean, I will probably not do this, but I believe in you. Go for it. Rejection sucks, but honestly there has to be some rejection in life. 


Sadness. I get sad all the time. Honestly, I don’t know why. I really don’t like being sad, but it happens. I’m human. I get mood swings, I yell, I cry, I laugh, and this is not only because I’m human, but also because I’m a teen. Teens are moody. Teens get tired. Teens are kinda dumb. Our feelings get the best of us and we make bad decisions. Our feelings come over us and then if you are me you cry. I cry a lot. I mentioned this already but this is what I do when I get sad. I cry in all movies because there is always a sad part there is not a movie that I don’t feel sad at one moment or another. Speaking of movies, sometimes I also feel bad for the villain, but that’s probably really weird. Anyway, the moral of this paragraph is, don’t let sad things control your life, be positive and optimistic and your life will be brighter. 


Thank you everyone for reading Part Two of The Secret Life of a Teen. I had a great time writing it, except for the sad parts. Those were sad. Let me know if you liked this, and if this was relatable for you. Thank you for reading, and you can go read the rest of the Viking Voice. Or, if you want, you can just read my first part. Thank you for reading this. Okay, bye. 



  1. Here’s some advice on your crush;
    If you have a good friendship you should just say that you like him! The worst thing he can say is no and if he does say no it’s how he feels, and you should just respect it.