The fall sports season has come to an end, which means Winter One season try outs have begun. Trying out for a sport can be nerve-racking and scary, so here are 3 ways to do well at any try out.

  1. Work hard

If you are trying out for a sport that you aren’t very good at or you don’t play it that much, coaches will always be looking for players that work hard, even if you aren’t the best. Say you are trying out for basketball and you aren’t that good, if you sprint to get the ball, play hard, and keep trying you definitely will do better than someone that is not trying.

  1. Be a good team player

If you are trying out for a team sport, being positive toward your team and the other team is important. Cheering people on, saying “nice job” or “nice try”, and just being genuinely nice and helpful to your teammates will make a positive impact on your coach.

  1. Be humble

During tryouts, if you are paired with people that maybe you are better than, don’t be arrogant. Don’t act like you are better even if you are. Instead of acting snobby towards them, give them advice on how to do better.

Hopefully these tips helped you. Good luck at tryouts!