If you were to walk into the NSMS cafeteria before school, you would walk in and see… a majority of people on their phones looking at social media. We know this because we have seen it with our own eyes. Some students will use their phones until the bell rings. They might be talking each other, but it always seems to be a conversation about posts, streaks, or Fortnite. Even in the hallways, it’s easy to see that some students are looking at their phones, secretly, hidden by the lockers. Spoiler alert, people even go in the bathrooms and take selfies on their phones… REALLY??


Maybe this shows how we might be a little addicted to our phones.

According to Upfront Magazine, “ Are You Addicted To Your Phone?” when teens are on their phones they become less happy. This article cites another source  a Common Sense Media as saying “ The average teens smartphone use per day is 4 hours and 38 minutes.” Another fact from Common Sense Media is that “50% of teens who feel addicted to their phones.”

If you feel addicted to your phone, like you can’t even put your phone off when you’re eating dinner or when you’re talking to your friends, or even when you’re going to the bathroom, you should read the next paragraph!

There are many solutions to fix phone addiction. One thing you can do is use Screen Time (this only works on an Apple device). Screen Time allows you to set a timer for how long you spend on a specific app. When you’re using Screen Time, there is a timer on the top of your screen, and the screen also freezes and turns white.


Another thing you can do is use grayscale. Gray scale works through settings. You go to General, then Accessibility, and, lastly, go to display accommodations, and there you have grayscale!


Airplane mode. It is quite easy to do this. First go to settings and press airplane, then lastly turn it on. If your wondering why airplane mode is helpful, it’s because it’s healthier for you, and it also stops the dinging noise that tempts you to check. Not just that, but it won’t let you go on certain apps. The last thing you can do is put it on Do Not Disturb. These steps are very simple. Basically, you find Do Not Disturb under settings, press it, and lastly turn it on.


Teens interviewed by Upfront Scholastic Magazine told their solutions.  Anne Hoffman said, ‘“I create a list of things to do and by keeping busy it doesn’t make me think about it!”’ Another quote is from Jordan Mallory, who said,“‘I use a calendar to set boundaries.’” The last quote is from Penelope Andreolas; she states, “‘If i have a big test or something coming up I will slide off the power and put it in a separate room.’”  


We also interviewed some teachers and students here. One of our teachers, Mr. Chillemi,  said, “I use the screen time app.” Parker, a student, suggested, “Disable wifi or don’t let it charge so you can’t use it the next day, and, charge it downstairs.” Maria said, “ I put on Do Not Disturb and then leave it in a separate room.” The last students, Sydney and Aquinnah, said, “Slide off the power.”


So, North Shore, we say, disable your phone and enjoy your life.