Throughout the years, the world has seen many fascist leaders, from notorious leaders like Hitler to Francisco Franco of Spain. However, the world has never seen a fascist leader like Trump. The world has never experienced the wrath of a leader who polarizes his country in every possible way. The world has never seen a leader as fitting to the definition of fascism as Trump. President Trump is a storm like no other; he is a reckless storm spreading fascism throughout the United States.


Fascism is the act of separating a country into an “us” and “them,” as Jason Stanley wrote in his new book What is Fascism: The Politics of “Us” and “Them”. Fascism is scapegoating minorities. Fascism is the unwavering support of one single leader. Fascism is the death of nations across the globe.


During his rallies and Twitter posts, President Trump has defined white Americans as the “us,” while Hispanics, African-Americans and Muslims are the “them.” President Trump has falsely accused Hispanics of stealing American jobs and chasing the American dream. He has attributed the nation’s rise in violence and terrorism to Muslims. President Trump is creating a false reality in which white blue-collar Americans are victims of their minority oppressors. However, this reality is far from true as the majority of terrorism in the United States can be attributed to the white Americans. Jobs are being taken by machines and decreased prices in other nations, not by the innocent immigrants chasing the American dream.


President Trump is single-handedly aiding America’s plummet down the dark never-ending hole of fascism, the hole that is home to notorious leaders such as Hitler and the Nazi party. Fascism goes against American ideals. Fascism directly contradicts the line that all men were created equal. Fascism goes against the vision our founding fathers had for a free country where everyone had a chance of prosperity.

Fascism kills hopes, dreams and countries. And, in his own fascist ways, President Trump is killing our country.


  1. Your saying Donald Trump is a worse ruler than Adolf Hitler
    ( sounds like communist propaganda to me but okay)

  2. Why the heck do you always write about Trump it’s getting old now. Try writing about your leader Hillary Clinton.

  3. I think that what this article is trying to say is that Trump i snot worse than Hitler. It’s is saying that he poses challenges in a different way then Hitler. He’s just saying his opinion.