photo credit: Breath of Optimism

All the time, there is something going wrong in some parts of the world. In America, they claim everyone is free, and they even say it in their national anthem, but really no one is. There will always be hate against a race, gender, or community. There are still police shooting black people for no reason. Women only make 78 cents to the dollar that men make, and people still say “That is so gay,” which is rude because even if you meant it as a joke, you’re still using it as an insult.

Imagine what it might be like to be a victim of all this hate. My ancestors went through it, but not my direct family. I am a part of one of the groups listed above that are hated, but luckily I am not hurt in my everyday life. However, it is my worst fear to tell my family something controversial. Then, they just decide that because you are not like them, they just have to throw you out when instead, they could just learn and try to accept me for who I am. And, instead of ending up homeless or torn away from everything I know and end up living somewhere else, I’ll still have a family.

Even if that didn’t happen, for instance, (a metaphorical thing that I will be using today because I don’t want to share personal info with random people is that “I like cats”) I could be walking on the streets with my “cats,” because I like cats, and get hurt because somebody hated me for liking cats and wanted to take their hatred out on me. This doesn’t happen to me, but it happens to people around the world.

Luckily, we are putting a stop to it. The people who believe that liking “cats” is wrong don’t understand that 1) this stuff has been around for centuries, 2) they are physically and mentally hurting a person on purpose, and 3) just because you hurt me doesn’t mean that you can change me.

We are all human beings, and we are different. We all having feelings, ups and downs, highs and lows. I am human and so are you.