Taking the perfect photos with an iPhone camera can be pretty difficult, but not impossible. Thus, here is an article that will help you take professional pictures with tips and tricks.


The most difficult part of taking photos with an iPhone camera is focusing. Sometimes, it can take hours to focus the iPhone camera when taking close-ups. But there is a trick! When preparing to focus, try to first block out the background with something like your hand, a grainy wall, or a textured object. Focus so that the texture is not blurred, and press and hold on the screen. This helps to keep your camera focused at a certain distance.

Poorly focused photo of someone's hand
In this case, I used the palm of my hand and focused on the creases. After you’ve set up the focus, you can take the close up picture!

Rule of Thirds

The most common rule of taking good photos is called the rule of thirds. As hinted by the name, the rule of thirds explains that there is a proportion that must be met when taking photos. Most phone cameras come with a grid, which can be altered in settings. To follow the rule of thirds, the grid should be split up by thirds. The main object should be aligned with the grid, either on one of the vertical lines, or in the spaces split up by the grid. Here’s an example:

Photo of track pants, with objects in the photo aligned to a gridIn this picture of some track pants, we see that the main objects are aligned to the vertical lines. The rest of the objects are visibly blurred, differentiating the main objects and the background.

Photo that doesn't follow the rule of thirds, meaning that the main object in the picture is unclearThis is a different picture, except it does not follow the rule of thirds. We see that the main object is near the top of the screen, and is not differentiated or singled out.

Up-close photo of window blinds that's elegant because it follows the rule of thirdsTake these blinds, for example. We see a clear division in this photo, where the clearest part of the photo is on the right side, and the most blurred part of the photo serves as the background. The unclear part of the blind lies in between, making three parts.

Here’s another photo of the blinds, except it was taken from farther away, without following specific rules:

Photo of the same window blinds, but taken from further away and without following specific rules

The up-close photo was taken from here:

The same photo of the window blinds from afar, with an arrow pointing to where the close-up photo was takenThere are a couple of things that should be noted about the iPhone camera. The iPhone camera is not suited for landscape photos, especially in darker areas. However, pictures of the sky or objects that do not absorb light easily can make good photos.

Here’s a photo of a building at a distance. We can see that the trees and the building are dark, compared to the bright sky that seem to flare.


An expensive camera isn’t required to take great and professional photos. All you need is an iPhone and these tips and tricks!


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