Did you know that smartphones are really bad for your brain, and they can hurt your head, neck, and make you nauseous? Some students in North Shore Middle School spoke to us.

Where do you keep your phone?

We asked 14 people where they keep their phones and 5 people said they keep it next to their bed or on their night stand.

How do you feel when you are on your phone?

We asked 4 students that question, and 2 students, Gianna Bertollini and Isabella Speranza, said they don’t have a phone. Two students Veronica and Emma said that their necks hurt and that they feel sick when they are on the phone in the car.

People who have anxiety about their phones can’t stop looking at their phones. Research from California State University showed that this cycle keeps anxiety going.  When you’re trying to be on your phone it hurts, and when you’re not on your phone, you get anxiety.

According to NPR, a new study found that teenagers feel more “depressed, feel hopeless, and are more likely to consider suicide” since smartphones became popular.”Twenge’s research found teens who spend five or more hours per day on their devices are 71 percent more likely to have one risk factor for suicide.”

Some kids can’t control their screen time; they are just too addicted. That is not okay because “On average, Americans check their phones once every 12 minutes.”  People can get seriously hurt and get too addicted.


They have boot camps for people who are addicted to their smartphones.”  In China an estimate of 24 million people ages 6 to 29 are internet addicts.

Miranda has a lot of rules with her phone. She can be on it for only 2 hours and then it says that your time is ended and then you can’t go on it for the rest of the day. Nora is allowed to have her phone wherever she goes. When teens are on their smartphones they become less happy.

If you put on gray scale then it makes your screen all gray, black,and white because research shows that sometimes the apps color makes you want to go on it (going gray).

According to this article, ”When your friend is trying to talk to you and you go on your smartphones that is called “Phubbing.”

As you can see that phone addiction can make you feel different and act different ways. Also it is important that you should manage your time on your phone and hang out with your family and friends.

Photo: GuidingTech.com