From Theresa May and Brexit, to President Trump and his trade war with Xi Jinping, 2018 has been the year of  constant political drama, problems, and tension. This year, the G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a place where the world’s 20 greatest economic powers meet.

Just a note: this is not just for the Mr. Gills of the world; this is for anyone. It’s important that everyone starts to be informed before they’re of voting age, especially with our insanely easy access to the media.

Here’s the gossip on the political drama of this year, including trade wars, the murder of a journalist, and debate over the NAFTA.

Today, one of the most prevalent problems in our society is the decrease in blue-collar jobs. However, President Trump’s solution of imposing tariffs on imported goods has had many negative implications. Companies such as GM have been forced to close their North American plants due to elevated steel and iron prices.

Trump has not only made it harder for companies to maintain plants in North America, but he has made it significantly more difficult to build key infrastructure projects, such as the improvement of the New York City subway, due to the elevated steel price. Although this shows negative implications and effects on our economy, perhaps the worst part is the strain on our relationship with China.

The United States and China are the world’s biggest economic superpowers. Both countries have extraordinary military capabilities, thus proving that both countries have the capacity to wreak havoc across the globe if both the United States and China do not put an end on this trade war. Currently, President Trump is working on a self-proclaimed “Trade Truce.” However, it is difficult to predict if Trump’s meetings with Xi Jinping will result in a trade truce, considering the fact that President Trump frequently acts on impulse.

The first amendment most blatantly outlines that there shall be a free press. A press with the right to question, to speak and to publish any story as long as it is based on some sort of fact. It is a known fact that the Saudi Crowned Price authorized the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was an opponent of the Trump Administration. Although this is the story accepted by the CIA and the Turkish intelligence, President Trump refuses to hold the Saudis accountable. After a long summit, President Trump did not address the issue. This is concerning to many who are closely analyzing Trump’s complicated relationship with the press.

NAFTA, which is the North American Free Trade Agreement, was a trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, created by President Bill Clinton to make it easier for these countries to trade goods across their borders. Although this agreement may seem great, the Republicans have used it to gain seats in the House and Senate. When Trump won the presidency, he vowed he would not create deals that quote, “put America second.” This is why it is a great surprise that President Trump signed what democrats are calling NAFTA 2.0, the North American Trade Pact.

The NATP, like NAFTA, is a free-trade agreement between the United States and Mexico. However, it is unrealistic that this deal will be finalized considering that there are still tariffs in place on Canada, and Mexico. Additionally, it is possible that this deal doesn’t get through the United States Congress or Canada’s Parliament. It is extremely likely that Canada will not approve this agreement, given their fierce hatred of President Trump, after the tariffs he imposed on steel.

The G20 summit has served as a place where the world’s greatest economic powers can come to resolutions on the world’s many problems.

Although issues such as trade were addressed at the summit, other issues failed to gain traction. For instance, Theresa May was unable to get support for Brexit, most likely resulting in Parliament not approving the motion to leave the European Union. President Trump failed to address the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi, showing the press his wrath and his unwillingness to protect their lives and rights.

The bottom line is the 2018 G20 summit did not live up to people’s hopes. Due to our corrupt politicians, like many other countries, we walked out with few guarantees.