Do you ever feel like you’re stressed out and you need to take it out on something? Well, maybe chewing gum is the solution.

Researchers from Scientific American conducted an experiment to test this. This exercise had participants remember a sequence where one group chewed gum and the other did not. They found out that those who chewed gum reacted quicker. They also reported positive evidence that “chewing gum also maintained focus longer during the exercise.” Researchers say that “Gum increases the flow of oxygen to regions of the brain responsible for attention.”

There are a couple of cons, but if you take the positives into consideration, we’re sure that there will be no problems at school.

Gum can also be resourceful for school. Maybe your school can sell gum and all the money you can collect can be donated. So, while you enjoy your gum it can go to a good cause.

We need gum to make us better students.