Ship Me: it’s a fun game, but it can be harmful.

Ship Me is from the app Instagram: it’s when you type an answer in a box called “Questions,” and people type who they see someone with. It’s not multiple choice, it’s a fill in. This causes much more hard feelings and arguments. Sometimes, people take it as a funny joke. Some people take it seriously.

Ship Me can cause a lot of problems, mostly because some people reply to the answer in a rude way. For example, a “barf” emoji or a negative interjection like “EWWW!” Sometimes, to make it even worse, they post it. However, the person’s name that was put in the box can get offended as well, because of the response to the answer. It can make them feel upset.

Julianna Lopez is not a Ship Me person. She thinks that you can use the question box in a different way. She said, “When I was absent, I asked in the question box: ‘What was the homework for school?'” Which we think is a good way to use it.