Recession: An economic downturn. Thanks, Mr. Gill, for the definition!

 1929 A.D marked one of the greatest tragedies in American history: it marked the recession of the United States Stock Market, and ultimately the Great Depression. Today, Americans are faced with perhaps one of the greatest economic crisis in world history. They are not just faced with the recession of the United States economy, but the British and French economies as well.


    The Global Recession marks an unspeakable tragedy for people everywhere. It marks the consequences of a corrupt society with politicians who care little about the gain and well-being of their people. The Global Recession would effect some of the world’s biggest economies, including the United States, China, and the United Kingdom, which will suffer immense consequences.


    The Global Recession would mark the sun finally setting on the British Empire. Scotland, which had a referendum in 2014, voted to stay in the United Kingdom over financial concerns regarding the Bank of Scotland. Today, with the recession of the British Pound and the conflict in Parliament, Scotland is likely to secede from the United Kingdom. Scotland is likely to break free from a country filled with corrupt politicians and political sagas. However, If Scotland secedes from the U.K, Northern Ireland would be likely to secede as well. This series of events would most likely result in a hostile military tension between encompassing British Isles.


    While tension rises in Britain, France faces a myriad of problems as well. Protesters have taken the streets across France, starting riots against French leaders, such as President Emmanuel Macron. Although a revolt against the leadership is a problem in itself, so far the riots have cost millions in damage, which is extensively damaging France’s Economy. Although these problems in France and England are terrible perhaps the worst lies across the Atlantic Ocean in the United States.


    The United States is home to perhaps the most diverse political map across the globe. From Tea Party Republicans to moderate Democrats and Republicans to liberals. America is the epitome a once united country divided. President Donald Trump, who has done nothing but brag about the economy has divided a nation into two groups of conservatives and democrats. He has created a sense fear among the democrat traders while satisfying Republican and conservative traders creating tension on Wall Street and throughout the nation.


    Perhaps such a tragedy would make the end to western civilization, or perhaps such a tragedy would be so devastating that it would plunge countries into a nuclear war. However, history proves everyday that perhaps our greatest failures fuel out greatest successes. Perhaps such a crisis would spark innovation.



  1. They will get there money in the end and also it’s not really that important soon this will all blow over and everyone will forget this ever happened.