Robots! In just a few years, robots might take over. We’re even starting to make toys that talk, or even worse- listen.

The Cayla doll will listen to your conversations and ask questions. Kids will answer without knowing that the doll is recording and sending information to an unsafe website that can be used for anything. The FBI actually warned parents about the doll and Cayla is even banned from Germany. A writer for the Washington Post reported that if you ask Cayla, “Can I trust you?”, she will say, “I don’t know.” CREEPY! Someone on Instagram did surgery on a grape using a freakin’ robot! If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is!


Robots. Sophia is a robot, but she can feel emotions and is really smart. She’s like Google in a human body. She can even play rock, paper, scissors! She looks like a normal human, and she might take our jobs! There are some conspiracy theories on how she might take over the world or find a way to kill us all… um, creepy! Sophia can speak seven different languages. Even though she’s cool, she might be very dangerous if she’s smarter than us. Could she trick us? The following video shows that Sophia knows new topics and can speak like a regular person. Watch:

Robotic Bees

Bees. They can sting you. They’re annoying, but they are one of the main animals that keep us alive. How? They pollinate [help our plants grow] our food and our grass. Think about it, if bees go away, then cows die, and then we lose cheese, ice cream, milk, yogurt, pudding, cake, brownies, cookies and so much more, but it’s not all about losing, it’s also about having too much.

Climate change is killing our bees. They are being killed by pollution, so scientists made bees that pollinate our plants! These animals do not eat and they can protect themselves and other animals from eating them. Scientists made these bees so if an animal ate them it would taste bad and they would spit them out! Walmart has actually patented these bees! So, does that mean the only place in 2030 you could go to grow a garden is Walmart? Even though Walmart is a billion dollar company, they will be making millions more when we start taking more things from the earth and making robots to fill in for natural life.


Clever is basically a robot that can have a conversation like a normal person. If a person talks to it on, it will ask personal questions about you. Cleverbot is so real that people and scientists refuse to believe that it’s not a real human. A thirteen-year-old-girl talked to it for thirteen hours- that’s more than a school day. These robots are taking over; they’re in our phones, our computers, and our TVs. Robots are not all the same- some of them are small, like Google Home or Alexa. These are small robots but they look like muffin tops.

This is becoming a huge problem, but robots are also a solution. We just need a balance of robots and people. In this world, people have trouble balancing everything: food, sleep, anything really. We need to find a balance. Unless robots really do take over.