According to “Is Juul Targeting You?” from Upfront Scholastic by Joe Bubar, about 20% of high school students have tried vaping in the last 30 days. people are addicted to smoking,but this drug mostly attracts young teens. kids start smoking mostly of pure pressure but when they start they cant stop!  

Teens are worst and worst with addiction  addicted to using Juul. These cigarettes are really bad for you and should not be used by anyone, especially kids. They don’t look like cigarettes; they look like flash drives, so they are easier to sneak past teachers and parents.

The reason teens are so addicted to using Juul is the flavors. For example, Upfront said that the Juul flavors that make people want to use the Juul are mango, mint, cucumber and fruit. The company makes it flavored because they want teens to use them, and when you start as a teen, you will most likely use them when you are older, or even the rest of your life, which is really bad. Maura Healey  attorney general Massachusetts says “This is about getting kids to start vaping, and make money, and have them as customers for life.” That is pulling kids , to use Juul. Also, from Upfront scholastic, it says “ Almost a quarter of the juuls Twitter followers are under 18”. That means kids are checking what the Juul account is posting, and it’s making them really want to use the Juul.

Teachers should pay more attention to what their students are doing because kids are sneaking off to the bathroom and other places where there is no supervision so they use Juuls and they don’t get caught. It’s not okay because there is no one to stop them from using it, and since there is no one to stop them, they are going to keep using it and get too addicted, and they can get seriously injured. As you can see these juuls are really bad for you and we hope you aren’t using them.



  1. It’s kind of stupid that these kids that are vapping think it’s cool. People have to try to help these kids go the right path in order to get a good future for themselves.