Do you wear acrylics? Well, we think you shouldn’t wear them. We interviewed Gianna Laino and she said, “They’re fine, but they hurt when you take them off. The process is long, you have to soak them in nail polish remover, which ruins your nails and skin. The glue that you put on your nails leaves a lot of it leftover on your nails.”

Huff Posts tell us Dr. Stern told them several different reasons why acrylics are bad for you. We heard that “Allergies to chemicals (resins and formaldehyde) in the product can cause nail separation, burning, pain or swelling. Not to mention, you may inhale significant and potentially harmful fumes if the salon isn’t well-ventilated.”

They also said, “Artificial nails may heighten the risk of infection. Bacteria that are not completely removed from a nail plate prior to the application of an enhancement can lead to Pseudomonas (bacteria that produces a green pigment, hence the term “greenies”) to grow in the space between the nail plate and the enhancement,” says Stern. “Also, damaged nails that have areas of separation can predispose a salon-goer to this issue.” Isn’t that incredibly terrible!

If you have a nail infection and you were wearing acrylics before, well, you might have gotten it from the acrylics. They can give you really bad nail infections.

In conclusion, acrylics are not good for you, and we don’t recommend you use them!