There are a lot of fashion trends, but what really is in fashion right now here at NSMS??

In the North Shore Middle School, there is a lot of “Fucci,” which means fake Gucci.The Fucci sweater is in style right now.

Everyone wears Gucci sweaters. Either they wear a Fucci sweater that is white with the name “Gucci” that is colored gold, or a black sweater that has the name “Gucci” that is colored gold as well.

People might like to where the Fucci sweater just want to brag to others, or they might just want to wear a sweater because all of their friends are wearing it.. But, most likely, Fucci is worn because it’s comfy and it’s a cool style.

The idea of fake designer clothes came out in 1983. The style of fake Gucci has come from designers. Some designers even show fake Gucci: “Alessandro Michele showed Fake Gucci T-shirts loudly emblazoned with the label’s logo for Resort 2017.

Should people should wear fake designer clothes to school? We found some pretty interesting answers. One of the 6th graders, Falyn Juettner, said, “I think people should where what they want.” \

Another 6th grader,  Emma Salvatori, said, ” You should not think about  what other people wear.”

Also,Taylor Silva in 6th grade said, “People should not listen to others about what they think about them.”

And the last person in 6th grade was Mayleen Chavez, and she said people should express themselves and do what ever they want.

We at North Shore Middle School agree.