A country is similar to the human body, with the government being at the center. The Government is a vital organ the country depends on. Most organs are vital in keeping humans alive. Therefore, when the government shuts down, a panic washes over the United States.

    Towards the final days of 2018, obtuse President Trump threatened a government shutdown if he did not receive funding for his border wall. However, President Trump did not receive the funding, causing a government shutdown a notorious act of horror that leaves thousands of people laid off and without pay. A government shutdown has many notorious implications, including implications in the stock market. Shutdowns cause uncertainty, lead investors to question the stability of their government and country, and they cause investors to panic, ultimately resulting in a major drop in the stock market. Shutdowns aid recession and depression by adding instability to an already weak and fragile economy that exists today.

   The government is undoubtedly the most important service industry in the United States. From passing legislation, to keeping people safe, the government is what keeps America as one of the leaders of Western Civilization. Thus proving, that with the shutdown of the profound establishment, millions of jobs, and necessary tasks are not being carried out. Humanitarian crises can develop faster as there is no funding or guidance for disease and illness prevention when the government is shutdown, endangering precious American lives.

     A Government shutdown symbolizes a major divide among the United States. It shows the polarization that exists in Congress and shows the many things Americans disagree on. Shutdowns mark the end of Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats, marking the end of an era in which Americans comprised, came to agreements, and all worked together to reach a common goal. Government shutdowns highlight the many problems with parties, including the decrease in moderate Democrats and Republicans.

    With no end in sight, this Government shutdown drags on. Proving Americans’ inability to compromise and collaborate in order to reach a common goal. It marks the era of radical Democrats and Republicans. It marks the start of an era where obtuse leaders sit in a sedentary position, wreaking havoc on a once prized civilization.


  1. Will responding to your articles it has become very inefficient by writing about Trump all the time and saying that he needs to be impeached. Yours truly Somebody.

  2. Why even write this stuff it has no importance if you think about it none of the stuff you have been writing about will soon be but a distant memory I mean come on.