Almost everyone is afraid of failing–afraid of letting themselves down and letting hard work go to waste. The fear of failure, also called atychiphobia, is very natural but can become a big problem as well. It can make us turn down big opportunities and also affect us emotionally.

In school, many students are afraid of embarrassment. This can stop individuals from reaching their full potential, whether in their education, or socially. For instance, if students don’t raise their hands in class because they are afraid of getting the answer wrong, they miss out on a learning opportunity. Kids often compare themselves to others, lowering their self-esteem. This can stop them from pursuing big opportunities. While “playing it safe” can sometimes be a good idea, it’s important to strive for what we really want, not what is easiest or most doable. This can help to make us happier.

Studies show that a childhood fear of failure can lead into a more serious adult fear. Business Insider suggests that about 30% of American entrepreneurs are afraid of failing. Many business owners who are afraid of failing never take the risks that will make their businesses truly successful.

Failure is valuable. If students are willing to change their views on failure, they have the ability to grow a great deal. Taking risks and trying new things is part of life–the sooner students learn that, the easier life will be later on.

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”-Theodore Roosevelt


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  1. Hi I agree that it can be hard for many of us to not feel failure if something terrible happens like if you fail a test that is something most students may feel during that time.