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“A wall would be a tax burden for centuries—a tax burden paid by the great grandchildren of the students of this very middle school.”

Since the dawn of time, walls have been erected to protect kingdoms and nations, keeping intruders out. Today, President Trump leads a conservative effort to build a wall. But, how effective could such a monstrosity be?


    For centuries, immigration has been a major problem in the United States, from American skepticism to mass deportations and troubled immigration court systems, the United States has been plagued by an immigration crisis. Every fifteen years, twenty-thousand United States citizens are deported, proving to be a testament to the nation’s most terrible immigration court system.

Roughly two weeks ago, a two-year-old sat for his deportation hearing without a lawyer, translator, or adult representative. American immigration court goes against most every American ideal. It goes against a myriad of American ideals and values, as people are not required to receive public defenders, nor do they get proper, just hearings. Infact, Immigration judges can be fired for not hearing enough cases every year, therefore, resulting in ill-thought rulings and the deportation of United States’ own citizens.


    A wall is not economically feasible, nor would building one be rational. The Department of Homeland Security has many times expressed the importance of being able to see through the border for the purpose of scouting potential attackers and invaders. Additionally, a wall would be a tax burden for centuries—a tax burden paid by the great grandchildren of the students of this very middle school.

Not only would the wall cost an astronomical amount of money, it would be extraordinarily ineffective. Forty to seventy percent of illegal immigrants cross the border by plane and overstay their visas, thus proving that a wall would not keep immigrants out. In fact, it would keep illegal immigrants in, as it would disrupt the natural flow of Hispanics and Central American citizens during the harvest period. Therefore, the wall would end up costing an astronomical amount of money for a minuscule difference in the migration of Central Americans, directly refuting President Trump’s Tuesday night claims that the wall would keep America, “safer than ever before,” and that it “is absolutely critical to American safety.”


   On Tuesday night, President Trump claimed in his Oval Office address that building a wall is “common sense.” Trump claimed that innocent people where being “savagely murdered” by illegal immigrants. President Trump used terms such as illegal alien to deplete immigrants who seek asylum. He most blatantly implied that the Department of Homeland Security has helped craft the plan, not mentioning their skepticism over the wall, considering that it wouldn’t allow border personal to scout potential invaders. Additionally, President Trump claimed that building a wall is “ fulfilling sacred duty to American citizens.”


    On September 11, 2001 the United States witnessed one of the the deadliest attacks on American soil in history. On 9/11, 21 of the terrorist attackers came through the northern border by way of Canada. President Trump claims that building a wall on the southern border is the bare necessity which keeps Americans from being “savagely murdered,” although more American deaths have been caused by people who entered the country by way of the northern border.

Additionally American citizens have a far higher crime rate than immigrants. In 2018, 42 people were stopped at the northern border for being suspected terrorists (on the terrorist watch list), compared to a mere 7 at the southern border. Thus, proving that if the wall’s sole purpose was protecting American lives, and not just keeping people with brown skin tones out, there would be a proposed wall on the northern border as well.


    Immigration has always been an issue in the United States, from scapegoating immigrants and being resistant to change, to mass deportations, controversy at the border is nothing new. However, President Trump has used unprecedented inhumane methods to keep immigrants out, including his policy of separating woman and children. President Trump has put thousands of Americans without a paycheck in order to build a wall which will do more harm than good. Due to the lack of centrist Democrats and Republicans in Congress, government shutdowns like this ongoing one have become a frequent event as it becomes increasingly difficult for politicians to agree on raging issues at the core of American society.

“Building a border wall is not only uneconomical, ineffective and against core American values and ideals, it is a symbol of racism.”


     Building a border wall is not only uneconomical, ineffective and against core American values and ideals, it is a symbol of racism. Trump has used name-calling to degrade Central Americans, calling them savages as well as many other phrases.

The wall represents a country whose citizens no longer welcome people that look different from the ruling class.



  1. There are illegal immigrants coming from across the world into America. What is wrong with doing it legally. In the 20th century there was not as much of an imagration problem because people came in legally. Then news stations like ABC and NBC show these little kids that’s parrents brought them into the country illegally. It is fair that these people are being separated. If your dad goes to prison he does not get to see you. I agree that a wall might not be the best thing to do but saying that we shouldn’t deport illegal imagrents is absurd.