The following original song lyrics were inspired by the song “Shadows in My Room” written by Jarad Higgins, et al.


{chords played: Cmaj7, C, G, Am, F, Am, G, Em, Fm}
shadow of my heart
it’s tearing me apart
no one ought to know
how dark it goes

shadow in my mind
making me go blind
of the happiness inside
the friend that I used to know

where did I go wrong
what happened to me
the girl who was happy
what cracked inside
This serotonin blight
the shadows of the night
the darkness within
shadows from the past

the bliss that never lasts
where did it all go
who I am now
I don’t know

[no strumming; just playing down chords]
where did it all go
the smiles I used to know
what lays beyond this facade
the dark shadows in my soul
the shadows never leave
they are here to stay
no one ought to grieve
i was meant to be this way


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