This week marks the fifth week of an unprecedented government shutdown, which has impacted millions of people. However, the government shutdown isn’t just difficult for adults that have been furloughed or are working without pay. The government shutdown impacts children of all walks of life, from the sons and daughters of government employees to every student at this very middle school.

Last week, The New York Times published an article which discusses the concerns of sixth grader, Stella, at Williamsburg Middle School in Arlington, Virginia: “Stella now worries whether her parents will be able to scrape together enough money for her braces, or whether a planned overnight camp in June will have to be deleted from the family’s calendar.” The shutdown has forced young children to worry about things that no children should have to. Innocent young children now have the worrisome burden of money on their shoulders. Like Stella, kids across the country are now forced to deal with the copious problem of finance and money.

However, not all people impacted have relations to government employees and personnel; currently the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is not funded. The FDA performs tests ensuring that food is safe to consume and eat. Before the FDA was established, roughly thirty-thousand people died annually because of food-borne illnesses, proving to be a testament to the sheer importance of the FDA. Foods such as fish and soft cheeses are not being checked. The FDA is a basic necessity for American civilization, thus marking the monstrous problems with partisan efforts.

The government shutdown has impacted people across the country; it proves to be the beginning of an era of partisan politics, where politicians care little for compromise and the well-being of American Citizens. Congress has become a battle, a battle between the fascist Republican Party and the communist democrat party. A far cry from the time when both parties were aligned in the Democratic-Republican party.

As partisan politics increases in the United States, the people seem to be left behind. Children are now forced to worry about finances. Consumers worry that their food isn’t safe to consume. The United States was created with the intent of creating a society in which the people took center stage, a society in which the purpose of the government was to represent and advocate for the people.

Today proves to be a far cry from the society once centered around popular sovereignty; not only is this the longest government shutdown in history, but it represents a time in which politicians aren’t compromising, rather doing things for political gain.


  1. I know that I am a bit biased, but the fact that this country elected such a foolish man into the presidency is a disgrace to us as Americans. Since Donald Trump has taken over the presidency he has done and said countless things that are embarrassing for us as a nation. He was elected to represent us, but if he was truly voicing our opinions, we must be an absurd society indeed. The State of the Union address was an opportunity for him to brag about things he has (not) done. I agree with this article. Do you agree or disagree?