On Sunday, January twentieth, Vice President Mike Pence was on a segment of Face The Nation, a show that airs on CBS. He and Margaret Brennan, the host of the show, were talking about President Trump’s offer to end the partial government shutdown, which involves trading extended protections for DACA recipients for a wall on the southern U.S.-Mexico border.

Before Trump officially made his proposal on Saturday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat from California, rejected it in a statement where she said the idea was “unacceptable,” a “non-starter” and said that it did not “represent a good faith effort to restore certainty to people’s lives.” Brennan then asked about why there weren’t any Democrats in any of the discussions about Trump’s proposals. VP Pence then repeated all of the talking points from the Trump Administration and made a very unexpected comparison to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to advertise the border wall:

“But one of my favorite quotes from Dr. King was, ‘”Now is the time to make real the promises of democracy.”‘ You think how he changed America. He inspired us to change through the legislative process to become a more perfect union, which is exactly what President Trump is calling on the Congress to do. Come to the table in a spirit of good faith. We’ll secure our border, we’ll reopen the government and we’ll move our nation forward as the president said yesterday to even a broader discussion about immigration reform in the months ahead.”

Okay, we have a lot to talk about here. Number one: the fact the that Pence even thought that attempting to correlate Trump’s wall and King’s goal to advertise the border wall is disgusting. Why is that, you may ask? King was fighting for the rights of African Americans and equality for every human being. Love and peace were the two centerpieces of his fight.

Trump, on the other hand, wants to build a wall on the southern border. Why is he doing this? Everyone can say it’s for “border security,” which, don’t get me wrong, is very important. But Trump saying that building the wall will secure the border is just an attempt to justify his actual reason for wanting to build the wall. Trump wanting to build the wall is a racially motivated act. Sure, immigrants are entering the country illegally, but why not attempt to put more security on the northern border as well? It’s Trump’s way of really keeping all people coming in from Mexico, and Mexico only, out.

He never talks about the northern border because he doesn’t want any Latinos in our country. It’s clear that all of this is racially motivated. Trump’s centerpiece for his goal is hate.

Illegal border crossing has been decreasing for years now, and all of the sudden it’s a crisis? It’s because Trump is trying to get all Latinos out of the U.S. just because he feels like it. This is the opposite of Dr. King’s dream, and, frankly, if he was still around, he would be disappointed.

Now what King said is fulfilling the idea of equality and his own dream. He is bringing people together, not the Trump administration. Whether or not you think building the wall is a good idea or not, that is not my point. I am letting you know that VP Pence comparing Trump’s wall to Dr. King’s dream to advertise his wall, was vial.

If Trump actually did what Dr. King wanted, he would get citizenship for all undocumented immigrants, not build a wall, or separate families. When King visited the Berlin Wall in September of 1964, he said that, “For here on either side of wall are God’s children and no man made barrier can obliterate that.”