Since the sun rose on the United States, presidents have been giving State of the Union addresses. This year, President Trump delivered a unprecedented speech, which received an unprecedented reaction from senators, representatives, and citizens of the United States.

      Towards the beginning of the address, Trump tried to convince the public of the “witch hunt” that is taking place in the United States saying quote, “ An economic miracle is taking place in the United States and the only thing that can stop it are politics, foolish wars, or ridiculous partisan investigation.” For decades, Presidents have respected those who investigate them understanding that it is critical in the up-keep of democracy. By implicitly saying that the special council shouldn’t exist, President Trump ends the Democratic reign on the United States by saying that he is not deserving of checks and balances or investigations.

    President Trump, who scapegoated Mexican official said quote, “As we speak, we just learned that Mexican Officials are getting trucks and buses to bring them up to our country in areas where there is little border security.”  Currently, Mexico is experiencing an economic revitalization. The Mexican economy is the strongest it’s been in years, directly refuting Trump’s Statement. Mexico needs all the immigrants they can get, given that there has been an extraordinary rise in manufacturing jobs since President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, (North American Free Trade Agreement). However, not only did Trump accuse Mexican authorities of unlawfully sending immigrants at unprecedented rates, he called these people “illegal aliens” language aimed at separating these people from American Citizens. Additionally, Trump accused illegal immigrants of “savagely murdering” American Citizens, a crime that more American citizens commit than those who are not citizens. Trump brought in a family who was a victim of, as he dubbed it, “Illegal savages.” However, in actuality, this sob story is in a small minority given that more illegal immigrants are victims of the offenses American Citizens commit than the contrary.

       “USA, USA, USA, USA, USA, USA.” Republican senators and congressmen were screaming USA, as Trump discussed as he called it the, “booming economy.” This chant represents the partisan problem in Washington, the chant so blatantly represented the poll raising divide between democrats and republicans in Congress, as the congressman weren’t chanting for the United States, rather their version of the United States.

     Every year, a rebuild is given by the opposing party following the State of the Union. This year, the rebuttal was given by Stacey Abrams an African-American Congresswoman of Georgia. The Democratic Party proves to be the epitome of a party divided. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was recently featured in a photograph, either as blackface or in a KKK costume. This is a racist and horrifying sight that represents civil prejudice and racism. However, the Democratic Party has decided that they are no longer the party who supports slavery and is anti civil rights, but the party that longs for all people of all races and ethnicities to be equal. Their decision to make Stacey Abrams the face of the Democratic Party proves to be a direct message to not only people within the party like Northam, but to people all over the political spectrum who oppose the most basic rights and freedoms for African Americans.

         This year, many female representatives chose to dress in white to commemorate the hardships that woman endured, so they would be blue to represent their country. During the Women’s Suffrage Movement, woman were subject to beatings, torture, and unimaginable forms of violence and oppression Although the United States has come very far from those times, having a record number of women serving in the House, there is still work to do. This bold Statement by the Democratic Party is symbolic of what they stand for: equality. The State if the Union provided a Fabio Lou’s time for the Democrats to set some of thee most important policy for the twenty-twenty election. They will not separate ethnic majority from minority, rather recognizing that where all equally different, that our differences fuel our democracy as well as incredible innovations.

     Although President Trump made many rash and brute statements during the State of the Union in which directly went against core American values, President Trump mentioned some of the positive adjustments, which were made to American civilization this year.

       Prison reform has been a long standing issue, as experts debate whether the incarcerated deserve a second chance. At the beginning of his speech, Trump drew the attention to inmates, both who he granted clemency under the bipartisan Second Chance Program. Both of these people had become advocates for other in ages who had received unjust sentences for minor drug crimes. Additionally, the senators partook in singing happy birthday to a eighty-one year old Holocaust survivor, so blatantly showing the value of justice in the United States.

       “Like most who are underestimated, I have learned to over-perform and find soft but key ways to take credit. Because ultimately, leadership and power require the confidence to effectively wield both” (Stacey Abrams). On Tuesday night, Stacey Abrams had strong rebuttals to the words of Donald Trump, not just talking about economic policies, unemployment, and immigration, but Trump himself. Abrams represents a new wave in the Democratic Party, one in which fights for equality and justice principles that America was pretty much built on (only white male property owners voted in the first election). The State of the Union proved to be a vessel for Trump to attack the special council and scapegoat illegal immigrants for murders that are mostly committed by American Citizens. The State of the Union was not only delivered on an abnormal date, but the speech and rebuttal proved to be nothing like anything Americans have ever seen.