The Maze Runner by James Dashner is a dystopian story about a group of teenagers who are stuck in this vague place that none of them understand. As the name implies, they are in this gigantic maze, and every night the walls move and make a different pattern. They live in an area called the Glaze and they call themselves the Glazers. The Glaze is surrounded by the never ending Maze. The nighttime is when it’s the worse; at night the four doors that are on all four walls of the Glaze shut, but if they close on you, you will have last the night and most likely won’t survive the terrors.

There is a monstrosity named the Grievers who come out at night only and will kill anything there. If someone is stung by them, they will go through days or even weeks of suffering and eventually regain their memories. They don’t know anything about the maze, why it was made, or their past- all they know is that they need to escape.

This series is a heartfelt set of stories that I feel many people may fall into. It is a fascinating world full of twists and unexpected turnabouts. Of course, it has a bit of romance to attune towards the teenage fantasies of the perfect story of Romeo and Juliet, but even such a beautiful romance has many twists. One of the biggest was when the doors stayed open during the night in the Glaze. This destroyed the food and places the Glazers had built up over the years. In doing so, it had divided them. There were people like the runners and other people who thought that if the doors where to stay open, then there would be no point in staying in the Glaze. There were also people who wanted to stick to the way of the past and not change what they had been doing for several years. So, some people stayed behind in the Glaze as others ran out there to explore more. This was mostly because all the data they had collected over the years about maze patterns had been destroyed.

This story has so many parts that just make you want to read one more page, or one more chapter, just to find out what happens next. For example, one of my personal favorites is when Tom, the main character, was back stabbed by his friend, (slightly his girlfriend) Teresa. The Maze Runner uses dialogue very often to progress the story in many ways, whether it is to introduce a new conflict, grow relationships, or build up the story.

The books were so successful that they even got 3 movies. It has been doing very well in sales and readers all around the world love it. It is influential by teaching many people and kids that sometimes you can’t ever back down for what you believe in and change must happen as long as it benefits the people. It also teaches a lot about sacrifices in that many people die due to a better cause, and many more die to end that horrid way. It especially shows a lot of examples of exploration; when they explore more and more they find out more about the maze: who built and put them in the maze and why they’re there. It is a very good story and, in my opinion, is on its way to becoming a classic.