Why have a path if nobody can walk on it?

OKAY, THIS IS CRAZY!! One of my teachers said that the outdoor paths that lead between the cafeteria and the library/6th Grade hallway, which only the 6th Graders can use currently because they can’t go through the 7th/8th Grade hallway, used to be open for everyone. This is ridiculous! It would be so much faster for kids and teachers if everyone could use campus paths to cut across school grounds in two seconds!

Some kids have E3 Squad in the library and their 1st period class is on the other side of school. Right now, they can’t cut across the outdoor paths, so they have to take the long route and risk getting to 1st period late because the hallways do get very crowded after E3 Squad. Apparently, those pathways were closed because of 9/11. Because they aren’t safe.

Now that doesn’t make sense either! It’s wasting time. Plus, gym teachers take their students outside in the warm seasons. In fire-drills, THE WHOLE SCHOOL goes out onto the field. If we can do those, why can’t we cut through the outside paths?

Now, I understand the issue of supervision. We don’t want students skipping classes because of this privilege. So, between periods, station a few teachers to monitor the area. I’ve spoken to some of my teachers and my fellow students, and they all have agreed with me. Plus, a few moments of fresh air can do wonders for anyone. It could improve anyone’s mood, help if someone is minimally sick (to hasten recovery) and can still go to school, and it can also help someone to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of nature as they cut across school grounds to get their next class or wherever they have to go.

With proper supervision, we can use this area. It would help some students feel like they don’t have to rush as much between periods.

Obviously, weather has an effect on this. If the temperature is too low or hot to go through even for a few moments (minutes for the supervisors), then the area will be closed. If it’s raining or snowing, it will be closed. Also, no one will be allowed through the shortcut to use the bathroom or get water. Bathrooms and water fountains are all throughout the school. It is simply classes on opposite sides of the school that this is used for. No one will be able to use the paths during classes.

This is just my proposal. It may not actually happen, but I WILL make a petition with a printed copy of this to bring (signed by as many people as possible) to Mr. Dennis.