Gun violence and control: an issue that has plagued our nation for longer than I can remember. There have been many attempts to tame the amount of gun violence over the years but not many of them have worked. After every mass/school shooting, there is always an outcry for the violence to stop, whether it be the March for Our Lives movement or people doing walkouts at school or rallies at capital hill. There are always attempts for change, but after the press dies down, the call stops.

I feel that the way that people are trying to go about fixing the issue of gun violence is wrong. For a long time, people have been trying to just take away guns, and they think that that will fix the issue. But the harsh truth is that this will not fix it, and it will possibly make the issue worse because people have guns and they will not just give them up to the government.

The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, and the people that own guns would still stand by that. The Second Amendment was created because of the need for “a well-regulated militia” to allow citizens to rebel against a government that’s seen as tyrannical. Another reason is that even though normal gun-making and selling could be against the law, there is still the opportunity for the illegal sale of guns. Finally, even if the government bans “assault weapons,” people can still use weapons that are not classified as assault weapons, such as shotguns and hunting rifles that could be just as or even more deadly.

There is another solution that has been debated over for a long time: more extensive background checks, and gun sellers knowing who they’re selling to. A video on YouTube from CNN shows a 13-year-old boy going to different stores, trying to buy things like alcohol, cigarettes, adult magazines, and lottery tickets with no luck, but as soon as he tries to buy a .22 caliber rifle from a private seller, he is able to do it on his first try. This issue could be solved with better background checks to ensure that a lethal gun does not fall into the wrong hands.

In the video “DEBUNKED: Top 5 AR-15 Lies!” by Steven Crowder, there are many guns, like semi-automatic 12-gauge shotguns that could do the same, if not more, damage than an AR-15. This shows that even if the lawmakers ban the AR-15 rifle, people will just be able to get another gun that could possibly be more effective, therefor, not fixing the issue but possibly making it worse.

Gun control and violence. A long debated issue with a long awaited solution. People want change, but lawmakers are not able to deliver the change that people want. There has been solution after solution for this issue, but it still has not been solved.

I, for one, and probably many other people, would agree that the guns are not the things that kill people. Guns do not walk around and shoot people. The people holding the guns and the people pulling the triggers of the guns are the people that kill.

Behind every gun shot is a human being.