Many people are starting to change their opinions on whether or not we should have surveillance cameras on us at all times. The problem we are having is that we live in a world where we need everything to be videotaped and recorded because there are crazy people in this world. Having video cameras is good, so if a crime happens we can find out who caused it and what had happened.

For example, in the Boston Bombing on April 14, 2013, there were two homemade bombs that killed and hurt many innocent people. If there were no video cameras the Government and the police wouldn’t have been able to find the bombers. Cases are coming out of people are using cameras incorrectly and inappropriately: “My neighbor just flew a drone to my window and was recording me, a Twitter user wrote this month. I have never spoken to him in my life.”  Humans are starting to think surveillance cameras are doing that now. And, there is evidence that people do use cameras incorrectly, but there is multiple positives to having cameras.

FitBit and Alexa are helping with murder trials but many peoples question is why are they listening? For example, “Americans are increasingly relying on high-tech gadgets to improve their quality of life: internet-connected security systems, fitness trackers like the Fitbit, smartphones, and personal assistants like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Echo, which is also known as Alexa. But police are beginning to see these devices as something else entirely: evidence gatherers and silent witnesses that continually collect and store data about us whether or not we realize it.” Studies show that phones now are listening to us, Alexa is listening, almost anything digital is listening to everyone. Some are bringing up the fourth amendment, on how we have rights of privacy. But, everyone chooses to have a phone, and an Amazon Echo, and a FitBit, so if you want privacy, don’t buy items that listen to you.

Little pretty dolls that almost every girl wants at a young age are now becoming demons. Dolls now can act like a real baby; for example, they talk, cry, poop, pee, move, and now they spy on the owner. You buy a regular doll at the store, and for all you know in the doll there is a video camera watching your family’s every move. That’s creepy!  In the text it states that,Cayla is a prime target for hackers, who can use the toy’s technology to spy on families and collect private information. That’s because the doll collects and transmits everything it hears to a voice recognition company in the United States. The threat is scary enough that the country’s telecommunications regulator has advised parents to immediately toss the doll and destroy its internal microphone.” Some parents might not have gotten the memo to throw away the doll, people can still have the doll. Ownership of the doll is illegal, so they shouldn’t even have it in stores.

My opinion on the surveillance cameras is that we should have them because they are safe. They make me feel safe that everything can be videotaped. Many crimes have been solved because of cameras. But, the phones listening and knowing our every move is getting creepy and weird.

Every so often on my phone Google Maps pops up and tells me how long it will take to get to school almost every morning. I’ve never used Google Maps! Some surveillance is even dangerous, such as what happened with the doll. Imagine an innocent person trying to buy a doll for their kids and finding out that there is a microphone and camera in it.

Photo: Wired UK