Do cell phones cause cancer? Scientists have been asking themselves this question for about 20 years. Throughout the years, many scientists and cancer organizations such as the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Society have studied cell phone radiation. Even though there have been some pieces of evidence pointing towards the fact that cell phones might cause cancer, most studies have found that it would take a very very long time and very large exposure to cell phone radiation for a cell phone to cause cancer, and even then it’s not very likely.

The topic of whether or not cell phones cause cancer is one that is very strongly debated in the National Toxicology Program. Although some people believe that cell phones may cause cancer, others do not.

According to NBC, a study run by the federal government shows that “at the highest doses for the longest period of time, cell phones might cause one type of cancer in rats. But that probably doesn’t translate over to people.” Also, based on the way the author worded this, it seemed as though she thought that it would be very hard for a rat to get cancer, let alone a human being. Another study run by the government showed, “rats that were exposed to cell phone radiation lived longer that rats who weren’t exposed to cell phone radiation. They were especially less prone to an inflammatory kidney disease.” Although some people think that cell phones cause cancer, this study proves that cell radiation helped rats live longer and protected them from a kidney disease that killed rats that were not exposed to cell phone radiation.

Although most studies have found that cancer from cell phone radiation to be unlikely, some scientists have found evidence that cell radiation may cause cancer. A study used rats to simulate an experiment for cell phone radiation found that “[m]ale rates given high doses of cellphone radiation had a higher risk of a type of cancer called Schwannoma in the nerves around the heart.” Cell phone radiation can cause a certain type of nerve cancer near the heart. Scientists will keep looking for an answer until they are certain that there is no chance that cell phone radiation can cause cancer.

Scientists have also said that “[t]he type of radiation that has comes from cell phones is a very different form of radiation that comes from gamma rays or nuclear energy.” Scientists are still unsure of whether cell phones cause cancer, but they are working hard to find an answer. Many people worry about the problem of cell phone radiation and that is one of the reasons why scientists might be working for the answerafter all, if cell phone radiation does cause cancer, it could become fatal for the world.

So, will your cell phone give you cancer? I can’t answer that. But, even though cell phones might not cause something as extreme as cancer, if you’re worried, it can’t hurt to try looking up from your phone once in a while.

Source: Maggie Fox, NBC News