Every day, kids like you and I are constantly told lies by liberals that think mainstreaming propaganda is raising voters of the future. News sights like ABC, NBC, and others always show these small children forced to live so far from their parents because their parents took them into the country illegally.

News flash: WHEN YOU GO TO PRISON YOU DON’T GET TO LIVE WITH YOUR KIDS. Even so, what these news channels are saying is either inaccurate or just plain lies. Here is an example: the migration policy institute says that under 10 percent of the undocumented people in America are under the age of 16.

What Democrats are doing is they are taking immigrants that are flooding into big market states such as California and New York. These illegal immigrants are voting for Democrats because they are basically letting them live in the country illegally.

The immigration debate is only still a debate because of people being convinced by news sources they watch every day who tell them complete half truths and lies about what the immigration system is.

It’s unfair for people in the 20th century that had to drain out every cent they had to get to America. Imagine how hard it was to escape from the Soviet Union or Poland in the 20th century if those people could do it legally why can’t people now.

Photo: PBS News Hour


  1. Jojo. What the heck is wrong with you? Sure, this is all valid, but specifically from Jojolandians? More like specifically from YOU! What if other Jojolandians don’t feel the same way? The only reason I’m a Jojolandian is because you’re my twin and I want to support you, but I don’t believe in the policies. And I think you’re really starting to believe your own lie.

    NEWS FLASH: JOJOLANDIA DOESN’T EXIST!! YOU MADE IT UP!! Jojolandia. Your name is Jojo. You named it after yourself!


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