During the State of the Union Address, President Trump discussed the family and victims of a murder in which an undocumented man killed Gerald and Sharon David at their home in Reno, Nevada, in January 2019.

The tragic incident that had affected three generations of the David family was taken as an opportunity for Trump to convey the idea that all immigrants are criminals, emphasizing the fact that this man was undocumented in the United States. Though this is true, the horrible occurrence and the murder of this couple was labeled as the fault of his immigrant status. Trump decided to feature a clearly devastating murder to enforce his plan and mission to build a wall on the Southern Border. Yes, this incident is nothing less than crushing, but there have been other events in which many have died, where the race and origin of the attacker were not listed as a factor in the murders. For example, the Parkland shooting, which involved a nineteen-year-old former student of Stoneman Douglas High School, Nikolas Cruz, who killed 17 students and staff of the high school and injured 17 others.

Nikolas Cruz is clearly an unwell person who had legally obtained an AR-15-style rifle and used it to kill 17 people. Cruz’s race, however, had no impact on his punishments and the fact that he is white was not a highlighted factor in this tragic occurrence. While gun violence is still an issue in this country and possibly the root of many of these problems and murders, Trump and the Trump administration insist on another cause of violence and continue to fight for the border wall on the southern border.

They justify this wall with race and circumstance, which still doesn’t change the common factor of murder. Murder is murder, and both situations are horrific, yet we see Trump rationalize this particular tragedy solely because of race.

Photo: CNN