These days are health motivated and people are always into the newest diet plans and trends. What if I told you your phone is one of the main threats to your health. The usage of phones can cause a lack of sleep, weight gain, and anxiety. This is an epidemic that is attacking all ages young and old.


   According to The UCLA Children’s digital media center, which conducted a study that was able to discover that 6th grade students in 2017 were having trouble reading facial emotions due to the overuse of texting instead of face to face conversations. This is absolutely astronomical due to the shift our society has taken. This is also a huge result of poor-parenting because at restaurants parents tend to just put an iPad in front of their child instead of having a conversation.  Another study from UCLA, stated that parents are even encouraging this type of spaced-out behavior. A source for UCLA stated, “I often respond with a uh-huh. And when he’s replying with the same language it’s because he is on his iPad.” This is something that parents need to be aware of because they need to enforce boundaries with devices. If there is no action taken, a result can be troubled speech and public speaking issues.


  While many students claim that the use of cell phones are necessary and should be allowed on them in class so they can socialize. However, they don’t realize the backlash that can occur. About 1 out 4 middle school students are bullied not only in school but online. Apps like Snapchat make it easy for bully’s to harass without any evidence left behind.  

 Evidently, there is an epidemic threatening our society.  People are sitting in front of computer screens all day, teens are texting instead of talking, young children aren’t communicating properly, and our minds are greeting hypnotized. People forget that technology can change but the tradition of communication should remain.

Photo Credit: ABC