Money laundering, tax fraud, and lying under oath—all malicious crimes committed by the notorious Paul Manafort. Today, Paul Manafort was sentenced with seven and half years in prison, a small token to pay for the crimes he committed.

      While in the Trump White House, Manafort was negotiating deals with foreign countries for weaponry, information etc. trading national secrets in exchange for truck loads of cash. Manafort was the original campaign manager for Trump on his 2016 bid for the White House. However, despite Trump’s pardon power new charges against him in the State of New York will ensure he serves time in prison.

      Paul Manafort has recently been charged with residential mortgage fraud, conspiracy, falsifying business records. Meaning Manafort could serve a maximum Sentence of 25 years in State prison for his dealings. Trump only has jurisdiction over federal dimes given that he is leader of federal government. Moreover, Trump can’t issue a pardon for state cases involving falsifying business records etc. Thereby, Manafort is guaranteed prison time. Manafort’s sentencing represents one out of the many indictments related to Trump. However, with the anticipation of the release of the Special Council’s report, it is highly likely that other internal staff members, including the President could be indicted or impeached.

       Additionally, Michael Cohen’s testimony last week shared that Trump had not only made hush payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, but he had made these payments while in office. However, in spite of this convincing new information House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has issued a statement saying quote, “impeaching Trump is not worth it.” A statement, which blatantly goes against the numerous crimes that our president has committed. From tax fraud to rape and obstruction of justice, Trump deserves to be impeached and convicted for the horrid crimes he committed. Power does not and should not prevent someone from receiving punishments for their wrongdoings. The United States was founded as a haven for those escaping the horrors of monochromatic rule. If Trump is not impeached for these crimes, the United States will stumble back into the horrors of monochromatic rule, destroying the free world.

     Paul Manafort’s trial and indictment represents justice. Justice for American Citizens as they see that no matter how much power or money someone possess, they are still subject to the same punishments. Still subject to being charged. The impeachment of the President and the indictment of Paul Manafort would be a win for all Americans alike, as it doesn’t represent policy or indifference, it represents justice—justice for the American citizen.